Increasing the development of products and services resulting from research and development activities – Phase II (IRI)


Eligible applicants: micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
Total allocation: HRK 770,000,000.00
Minimum and maximum support amounts: HRK 1,000,000 – HRK 25,000,000
• funding for research and development projects – 25% – 85%
• regional investment funding – 25% – 45%
Investment area: thematic and sub-thematic priority areas S3

Eligible activities:
• research and development (own research and development activities, contract research and collaborative research)
• investment in tangible and intangible assets
Cost categories:
• Cost of staff salaries (existing and new employees)
• Indirect costs (space rental, overhead costs, and office maintenance costs)
• Other costs based on actual amounts
• Other expenses eligible for funding
• Feasibility study making cost
• Cost of investment in tangible assets
• The cost of investing in intangible assets