Internationalization of SME Business – Phase 2


Receive grants for the internationalization activities of your business!

Eligible applicants: micro, small and medium-sized enterprises

Total allocation: HRK 134,000,000.00

Minimum and maximum support: 100,000 – 1,000,000 HRK

medium-sized enterprises – 65%
micro and small enterprises – 85%

Eligible activities:
• participation at an international fair or B2B meeting outside the Republic of Croatia
• foreign market research for product placement in a new market outside the Republic of Croatia
• information and visibility.

Eligible costs:
1. Appearance at an international fair or B2B meeting:
a) Cost of exhibition space at the fair / B2B meeting abroad, including:
• registration fees
• cost of renting exhibition space
• rental of exhibition equipment
• costs of entry into the exhibitor’s catalog.

b) Cost of exhibition space for a maximum of 15% of the total value of the project proposal (travel expenses, accommodation, per diem).
c) Cost of developing promotional materials for participation in the international fair or B2B meetings outside Republic of Croatia – up to 15 000 HRK.

2. Foreign market research – up to a maximum amount of 38,000.00 HRK for:
• market analysis making
• export strategy making with a period of at least 12 months included
• making analysis of potential business partners including their credit worthiness
3. Information and visibility – up to a maximum of 2,000.00. HRK

The deadline for submission of applications: June 29, 2020, or until the utilization of funds