From a small family business to a large winery with European Union co-financing – the success story of Vinarija Pinkert

News and interesting facts

The Pinkert family’s wine story began in the early 1900’s by planting several vines and creating a small family cellar on the slopes of Bansko Brdo near the Suza in Baranja. On a mysterious wine road, a small wine paradise developed in Suza. The wine cellar is a 5-minute pleasant ride across the beautiful gentle slopes of Bansko Brdo.

The Pinkert family’s wine journey was slowly being created, evolving from generation to generation, and each one had in mind one thing – to put all their efforts into producing excellent wine for everyone to enjoy. Today, they produce high quality and premium wine of different varieties. Their lifelong philosophy is that the quality of the wine begins in maintained and tidy vineyards and that is why they have the title of one of the most beautiful vineyards in Baranja.

However, development does not stop. When Croatia become part of the European Union in 2013, that opened new doors to the Pinkert family as EU funds became available.

With several projects approved and one under evaluation, Vinarija Pinkert is more than pleased with the results. “We are absolutely satisfied with the services of the company Uspješan korak d.o.o.. They are professional and gives us all the help we need. These projects would not have been possible without their help”.

And what does their future bring them? More tenders and we believe more grants received from the European Union. Why? “Because the Uspješan korak d.o.o. has shown us that it is possible,” is their response.