Based on years of experience, we provide professional assistance in finding and obtaining supports from EU funds that is necessary to develop, create and maintain a competitive advantage. On the other hand, we provide specially designed education and trainings to entrepreneurs to help in personal and business development.

We specialize in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and we are familiar with the problems that entrepreneurs face in their day-to-day business. With our services we help entrepreneurs dedicate themselves to their day-to-day business while winning projects that enables faster development and greater competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets.

Together with our partners, we have won grants in excess of HRK 79,000,000, implemented more than 100 projects funded by EU funds, and held more than 30,000 hours of training.

If you want to become a part of a success story, contact us and take a step further in your business management!


Our vision is to build a company whose reputation and success is based and built on high ethical and professional values and attitudes, whose name for clients, business associates, employees and the community will be synonym for quality, reliability they can count on when completing tasks, openness to our employees and responsibility to the community and the environment in which we live and operate. With our dedicated work we want to become a leading name in the field of providing consulting services and education on the Croatian market. We want to be in the first place not only because of the quality of the service we continuously strive for, but also because of our reliability, consistency, openness, dedication and innovation. We also want to be the first choice for talented people who will see in us the potential for their development and achievement of professional goals and career development, which will at the same time contribute to the construction of our company with their knowledge and talent.


Our mission is to support clients on the road to success and enable them to manifest their visions. As the name of our company says, with each new step we make, we strive to ensure successful development for our clients by providing them primarily with financial resources through various funds, and by ensuring their development and success we also build our own. Through the trainings we provide, individuals and teams will continue to enable personal and professional development and the acquisition of knowledge and refinement of skills that will help them achieve their desired goals, enhance interpersonal relationships and increase the business success of their company or organization.

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Private sector

Ador d.o.o.
Agalma d.o.o.
Agrozoli, obrt
Arcadis d.o.o.
Aurel d.o.o.
Bor-plastika d.o.o.
Čarobni tim d.o.o.
Diad-konstrukcije d.o.o.
Drvoadut d.o.o.
Dunit građenje d.o.o.
Edin-kom d.o.o.
Elektromedia, obrt
Euroart 93 d.o.o.
GB Inženjering d.o.o.
Geometricus d.o.o
GI-TA, obrt za trgovinu na malo
Glasila d.o.o.
Hiperprostor d.o.o.
Inel d.o.o.
Infraterra d.o.o.
Instal sinergija d.o.o.
IP BIO d.o.o.
Kliktronik d.o.o.
Kod sinjorine, obrt
Komteh d.o.o.
Korpaš d.o.o.
Kos d.o.o.
Layba d.o.o.
M.B. Tehno d.o.o.
Mardesign d.o.o.
Marleo d.o.o.
Medicinska naklada d.o.o.
Metaflex d.o.o.
Omnivor d.o.o.
Opus optimus d.o.o.
Palavra d.o.o.
Pine studio d.o.o.
Plasting ortopedija d.o.o.
Program plan d.o.o.
Promo prosperitum d.o.o.
PSVZ Agrovladislavci
Roving d.o.o.
Rustica moderna d.o.o.
S link, obrt za računalne djelatnosti
Sapun d.o.o.
Systema frontis d.o.o.
Tami project d.o.o.
Teleoptika d.o.o.
Tobler d.o.o.
Trgo-agencija d.o.o.
Zrcalo inženjering d.o.o.

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Općina Darda
Općina Kneževi Vinogradi

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